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So much has changed in how we communicate with our clients and to that matter how we do business. Gone are the days where we just relied on word of mouth, mail outs or yellow pages and where people physically came into your shop to make a purchase or an enquiry.

You need to have an online presence if you want to remain in business. You may think that doesn’t apply to you, but trust me when people want to find out about a product or service the first thing they do is Google it. When you are looking to hire someone or to do business what do you do?

If you have a website that is fantastic and well done, my question to you is how well is that working for you? What business is your website brining in for you? If you website is just static you will ranked lower on Google which means prospective clients are not likely to find you.

Never before has an opportunity been so great when the connection between customer and brand has been so global, personal and immediate.

Social media is an excellent way to have regular updated daily content which pushes you further up in Google without having to pay for expensive SEO. If you are not active on social media then you are missing out on the opportunity of connecting with those needing you and your services and products daily. Social Media tends to work better for businesses servicing, treating or selling to customers.

Do you have a way for people to share content on your website via social media? This is the old fashion word of mouth concept that generates more enquiries, more clients, more profit. Social Media is like a customer walking up to you and asking a question, the great thing is when you reply that answer is there for others to see for all to see and creates value.

When someone is searching online, they see your Social Media profile and check you out before contacting you. It is a great way to provide information about what your company does and who you. Think of this like sending out snail mail, they are checking you out prequalifying you so when they make contact with you they are already 80% sold.

Make sure your profile is 80% content that is of interest to your market and only 20% promoting yourself, oh and make sure you are authentic Just be YOU!

So even though you may not engage yourself in regular social media activity, it is fair to say that a large percentage of your future clients and current customer are.

Summary of benefits:
• Increased exposure
• Increased enquiries
• Increased sales
• World of mouth
• Improved website ranking on Google
• Client interaction – builds sustainable relationships
• Instant audience
• Cost effective
• Easy to maintain
• Prequalifies
• Branding
• Allows 24/7 advertising worldwide

Change can be a good thing, and small business owners who delve into the following areas can expect “change for the better” in their overall operations.


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