Why you need an online Presence for your Business

It can be an uphill battle to educate small business on the importance of having an online presence.  Whether your company is big or small, we can guess that you always want to make money and gain more customers.

I understand as I have been a small biz owners for over 20 years.  I was fortunate to have worked with internet gurus and for 10 years have had my head down and bum up learning and implementing online marketing for small biz.

With this knowledge in hand along with a husband who has been in the building industry for 35 years we created Home Building Central. An advertising platform for small business that is affordable, branded, based on reviews  and will assist in generating more leads, more consumers for your products and services, more reviews more referrals more customers.

The ability to leave a review is fast becoming the preferred option that people research before making a purchasing decision.  If you don’t have a website or social media branding then this won’t matter to you.  However as a member of Home Building Central this is provided for you and therefore matters a lot.  The more reviews the higher the ranking the more likely a person is going to purchase from you.



Local Marketing Channels Infographic_590px

 70% of consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information listed on a social media site.  If you would more information or wish to go on our mailing list go http://smallbizinternetsolutions.com/contact/


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