Where To Find The Right Product Liability Lawyer

When you start looking for a product liability lawyer, networking may garner you some names right away. Someone among your family or friends may know a reputable person who has handled cases of injury from defective products. But steer clear of a lawyer whose experience isn’t in product liability, even if the person is a relative. You’re looking for someone who knows this business, knows what rights you have, and who has been working as a lawyer expert on other cases like yours.

If you can’t find any personal recommendations, then ask the local bar association and get some names. Once you’ve narrowed the list down to a few, you should sit with each product liability lawyer that has been suggested and talk for awhile to try to gauge their expertise and knowledge. How experienced are they in legal cases involving failure of end-user products? How many cases have they participated in, and how many have they won? Do they specialize more in medical injury, or do they focus primarily on the industrial side of things? Do they have references? What do they charge? And so on.

Keep in mind that with most injuries due to defects in products, there is a time limit that determines when you can launch a lawsuit. If you wait too long to make your claim, you’ll be out of luck. So as you’re looking for a liability lawyer to represent you, you need to remember the time constraints. But remember also that even if you find a product liability attorney with all the credentials, you also must find someone who will work well with you. If your personalities are constantly clashing, then working with that specific counselor might do you more harm than good. This is why it’s a good idea to have the names of several liability attorneys to increase your chances of finding the right one.

Remember that manufacturers of consumer products are considered liable for defects in their products that make them unreasonably dangerous to use. If you are injured because of such a defect, then you don’t even need to prove negligence, since the defect itself is considered to have done that. So the odds are probably in your favor, as long as you launch the lawsuit in time, and especially if you have an experienced product liability lawyer to represent you in court.

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