How to Choose an Online Business Opportunity

starting-an-online-business-300x270With many different online opportunities being offered today it is important to do some homework before jumping into the next big thing.  I have spent the last several months, jumping onboard, investing, sharing and then finding out it has been hacked, fallen over or people have taking off with your money.  Wisdom would have it that you do some research but even then the best research can be deceiving.  Below are some things to consider before joining a business, just my thought of course.  Below there are 3 opportunities that I am working on and happy with.

1. Does it seem all too easy?  – If it does then it probably isn’t going to be a long term business.  Quick get rich schemes always fall over.  Think about it nothing easy in life ever brought you long term stability.  Trust me I’ve tried a few programs.

2. Does it sit right in your gut! – I know but if you don’t have a peace about it then don’t do it no matter how shiny the object is.

3. Find out who the owners are and at the very least do a Google search on them.  Don’t just go on the hearsay of your best friend, remember the old Chinese whispers, it will save your friendship as well as some money. I joined one program and was told it was group and no names were given to me.

4. Can you actually speak to someone best way to test this one out is send a message, try to call if there is a number, find on Skype or Facebook and say hello.  Another one I joined I sent through an email which goes to your upline and if they don’t answer it you can’t send another email so I’ve never found out anything further.

5.  Does it have a product that you are comfortable with? There are many products out there, some will be virtual meaning online and others will be product that will be delivered or consumed, advertised or invested.  Some products are the opportunity to generate an income without a product.   To be honest as long as you feel confident in the product that is all that matters.

6. Are there regular webinars so you can watch and learn?  Do you like the look of the website?  Did you find it easy to navigate around the website.  Does it have enough information on it to help you work out what it is promoting.

7. If you are looking at the rev share programs etc, make a small investment and then withdraw and see how long it takes and if it does happen.  Make sure they are using reputable payment processors.  If you can’t withdraw then don’t continue.

8. Ask around or search out facebook groups of the organisation and see what people are saying.  Add a friend and just say hey I’m checking this out what do you think?  Of course they will probably share their link with you and ask you to join them.

9.  Ask to see proof of earnings.  Now the person who is trying to recruit you may not have earnings as yet so ask to see proof of their upline.  Don’t be afraid to ask ask ask.

10. Remember we are all humans and at the end of the day everyone wants to earn extra dollars and preferably without having to do anything, but that is not how it works.  Everything requires some effort and finances.  My vision has always been able to earn the income and to come together with the effort.

Having said that a couple I have checked out and tick the boxes for me are:  BrainFuelPlus Penny Matrix, AdHitsProfits Xplocial

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