What Entrepreneurs Need To Do To Succeed in 2009

What Entrepreneurs Need To Do To Succeed in 2009

For those of you building a business, which may include blogging, but also other critical elements such as email lists, automated marketing systems, affiliate programs and of course, products of your own, you face a myriad of choices next year.

Your challenges are relevant to what stage of business growth you are facing. Most of you reading this are likely still in the momentum building phase, which means you lack cashflow, products, resources and marketing systems.

In most cases the first place you need to focus attention on is marketing, in particular, how you can automate your marketing system, so your cashflow becomes steady while you go to work building the other aspects of your business. It’s much easier to spend money hiring people and investing in your business, when you know a certain amount of money is going to be generated next month, and the month after that and so on.

To make this practical, you can ask yourself some practical questions.

Is your business not delivering what you want because…

  • You don’t have an email list?
  • Your email list is too small?
  • Your email list is not responsive?
  • You’re having trouble sustaining consistent lead generation?
  • You don’t have a product?
  • You don’t have a niche?
  • You need a certain person to handle an aspect of your business?
  • You don’t know how to do something important?

…and so on.

If as you ask yourself these types of questions, consider what you could do if you had the answer. If what you could do would immediately result in an increase in cashflow, or elimination of whatever major constraint you face now, then that’s the problem to solve. If however the answer only opens up more questions, then you haven’t found the core element that needs to be addressed first.

Once you find the core element – the problem you need to solve today – go study the trusted source to get the answer, or if you already know how to get it done, get it done. It’s not rocket science. Find problems, learn solutions, implement actions, get outcomes.

Consider the 80/20 rule, learn how to ignore everything that’s not going to help you eliminate your immediate constraints, decide what you want to change and what you need to learn in 2009, and you will enjoy tremendous rewards.

You still need to follow the Blog Profits Blueprint, which is just as relevant today as when I published it in 2007.

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