Website Design Tips for The Busy Marketer

If you are serious about making a full time income as an internet marketer, sooner or later you will need your own website.

A website is your virtual address, and you need one if you expect people to purchase anything from you. If you want to start an e-mail marketing campaign, you still need a website to start building your e-mail list. The good news is that if your website is good you shouldn’t have any problem reaching your goals.

The bad news is that not all websites are good.

Before you put up a website, you should put some thought into it. Here are some things that you can do to make sure that your website is well received by the people who visit your site.

There are many reasons why it’s good to keep fresh and update content on your website. Your site will become more popular, and you’ll continually see more visitors. More importantly, this will give people a reason to come back to your website. One particular area of concern has to do with static sites, so it’s important to keep adding fresh content to them. Doing this will be viewed in a positive light especially by your returning visitors. This will make them more likely to trust you and buy from you. When you check out your site, don’t only use one browser; use several major browsers to check it. Not everyone knows this, but the browser you use can make a big difference in how some websites appear. Everything on your site might be perfect on Internet Explorer, for example, but if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you may find that the colors are distorted or a graphic image did not load properly.

You may not feel like taking the trouble to check your site on a bunch of different browsers, but this is something that is worth doing. A portion of your web traffic will be coming from each of the browsers, so you want your site to work properly on all of them. To do this right, you have to look the whole site over on each browser, including the fonts, colors and alignment and making sure any buttons and links work as they should. Once yo do this, your mind can be at ease!

Your site should also look good in a variety of resolutions, so you should check this or have someone show you how. People can view your set at different resolutions based on the kind of monitor they have. You don’t want a website that only looks good in high resolution, because many people will not being able to view it this way; it should look good in all resolutions. Many people are using older computers and are not able to upgrade, so you can’t make your site only for high definition monitors. You can check this by adjusting your own monitor settings. Every time you change the settings, see how your site looks; hopefully, it will not appear very different when you make the changes. You can use many different techniques and strategies to make your internet marketing business profitable. You can’t really expect to get off the ground, however, unless you have a website that looks good and draws visitors. You don’t really need and advanced skills to build a great looking and successful website.

It could take some time but that will be time well spent when you are sure that everyone can access your site easily and quickly. You’ll be glad that you made sure your website was good when you start getting lots of traffic and sales.

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