Online Opportunities

With so many different opportunities out there in the world of the internet marketing that it is difficult to know what works and what doesn’t.  You can keep up to date at my website goglobal247

To be honest there is no guarantee with anything opportunity that you decide to run with and there is always a risk.

It is June 2013 and I have had a couple of years working for an organisation without looking online. Whilst I have enjoyed my work and continue to work I want to find something else.

So I welcome anyone who is interested in looking at ways to earn an extra income online without having to sponsor others.

I will endeavour to share what I am up to and what I am doing.

Currently I am in two opportunities.


Second opportunity is based on purchasing of ad packs.  Cost is $45 for an ad pack and this then earns you an income.  All you have to do is click on 10 ads within 24 hours.  Not too hard a way to earn an income.  Again my link is below and again you don’t have to sponsor anyone to earn an income.

Adhits Profits

We have set up a long term Cash Bonanza for you