Web Prosperity what is it?

Who recommends WebProsperity

  • Ewen Chia
  • James Brown
  • Judson Lassiter
  • Patric Chan
  • Stu Stirling
  • Stone Evans
  • Warner Carter
  • and many more…

David D’Arcangelo and Implix (owners of GetResponse, Website Wizard, and Talkstream) have created the most integrated dominating Internet Network marketing tool to hit the global marketplace. David D’Arcangelo, the famed marketing guru leading huge publicly traded companies, has teamed with marketing expert Terri Sides and top shelf global marketing company, Implix.

They have integrated some of the hottest Internet marketing technologies into one system to help the greenest marketing newbie market like a global marketing powerhouse. Systems work, people fail! This is a complete automated marketing system that can be applied to any business.

You get a complete system with Web Prosperity and a very generous compensation in a forced matrix. With all the buzz on the net with top Internet marketers as well as top Network marketers in the global marketplace, it is a smart move to position early for FREE now while in pre-launch.

Click The Pic to Join My Team

Click The Pic to Join My Team

What will Web Prosperity actually cost once the program allows for paid signups?

There are 2 price points, $29.95/month and $59.95/month

What are you paying for with WebProsperity, what exactly are you getting?

The benefits….

Good management, residual income, spillover referral system in a forced matrix, and valuable tools you can use for your Primary Business of selling whatever it is you want to sell online.

The WebProsperity tools, products, and services…

This program is co-founded by the Implix group, the people that brought you/us the GetResponse autoresponder and other tools such as WebSite Wizard and Talk Stream

Personally I use AWeber as my primary autoresponder but Web Prosperity has the ability to offer you a top-notch autoresponder as well.

I also use AudioAcrobat, and the Implix group developed a similar service (Talk Stream) , and yes, it can be one of the tools you get with your Web Prosperity position.

Both of those tools cost me almost $40.00/month to use, and to have the option of rolling those costs into one centralized location is not only smart business, but it also allows me (and you) the ability to do a lot of necessary marketing tasks from one location.

The Added Bonus to joining Web Prosperity is that it’s an MLM-style program so the people you refer to this time-and-money-saving program also pays you a generous 67% commission.

What does AWeber offer for an affilaite commission?  20%  ?

What does AudioAcrobat offer for a commission, 50% ?

Web Prosperity not only saves you money and time, but you can make a nice residual income from the people you refer to their program.  With their forced matrix system and inherent spillover, there is a viral effect added as well.  The viral effect comes from the fact that you’re experiencing spillover referrals all while your busy using their tools to do what you may already be doing, marketing on the internet.

Save money, lessen your marketing expenses, AND earn residual income all at the same time?

Yeah, I dig that, and so will you

Click Here to listen to what David has to say about this program (you don’t even have to give up your email address to find out what it’s all about)


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