Want to Share in the Hundreds of Thousands of Unique Visitors my 150+ Active Domains Generate Each Month?

You’re welcome to call me crazy if you want, but the point is, I’ve built HUNDREDS of web sites since 1999.

Most of them are business opportunity related, and many of you visiting this page are promoting business opportunities.

Am I right?

This is Some SERIOUS Traffic

Some of the domains get hundreds of unique visitors per month, some get thousands, some get tens of thousands, and some even get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.

Here’s my problem though.

Some of these sites are informational in nature, or are marketing sites for ebooks I wrote 8 years ago and don’t even remember!

But that doesn’t stop people from finding the sites and asking me questions by email.

At least half of my daily email workload is replying to questions from people visiting sites that I don’t even consider “active” anymore. Replying to them is a serious chore!

So what I’ve done is start redirecting hundreds of my domains to a GIANT ROTATOR, and I’m just giving away the traffic.

How would you like your share of this?

Go here and find out more

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