Viral Marketing – Avoid Being A One-Hit Wonder

It’s almost impossible to predict if something will become viral, so it’s always an incredible surprise and extremely good when it happens. Not all marketers try to do this, but naturally it’s highly desirable to be the source of something that millions of people like, and pass along to their friends, reTweet, etc. While viral traffic tends to be short-lived, it’s more of a tremendous spike, probably all marketers will take it and not complain. Yet – there is no precise formula to create this kind of traffic every single time. It seems to be a mixture of working hard to create something amazing and then promoting the heck out of it. Once in a while some obscure product, or service, appears from nowhere and goes viral. Well, ok… you may be wondering how you can do that, too? Here are some things you can do to get your content to go viral.

Try creating content that produces a real visceral reaction in people.

Your goal right from the start is cause an immediate, highly emotional reaction. You want them to read your work or look at your images and not just think “wow, neat.” Don’t be afraid to elicit a negative reaction in people because it’s still a reaction and better than none at all. What they do with your content will be determined by the strength, quality, and degree of reaction to you.

After your viral content is out there, immediately get to work on new content. This is serious marketing time – so don’t say anything silly, cheesy, or cheap. This means increasing your production volume and frequency because you don’t want your new fans to get bored and move on. This is a no-brainer because you understand how people are if you make them wait. Once you’ve established a steady base or a newsletter you can let a little bit more time lapse between releases. So plan on putting some work into this every day until things are in place.

Make an effort to be active in web communities. Participate in forums, or leave insightful comments on blogs in your niche. There’s a much larger conversation in your market, and try to be a part of it. Try to offer meaningful involvement, and if you do then your market will take note of who you are. You’ll often be able to link back to your site on comment forms and in forum sig files. You will develop a positive reputation if you try to genuinely help others, and one day something you create could become viral.

In a lot of ways the compelling factor with viral content is not so much the content, but the ability to grab someone’s attention and make them want to know more. Naturally, not all great content will have that kind of effect on people and be viral. You never know what will happen, so it’s really a good idea to try using these tips and see what happens.

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