Viral Friend Generator

There are a lot of methods available these days to market products on the internet. Viral Friend Generator is one way to actually ensure that the word about your product or service gets out there fast. I call it the “Grapevine Effect”!

Viral Friend Generator is a very simple concept and it is surprising that it hasn’t been employed on more web sites, as it is highly effective and can produce lucrative results. Here is a basic rundown of how it works: By simply installing the software, you can add a window to your product site which requires visitors to invite their friends to visit your site as well. Visitors will fill out a form with contact information for other potential customers, who will be invited to also visit your site. The best part of this is that they are invited to visit your site from people whom they know and trust, not by just an anonymous email. By receiving an invite with a personal touch, it removes the feeling of distrust and makes it more likely that they will visit your site.

Here are a few of the highlights of Viral Friend Generator: First of all, you have full control over how many contacts you require each visitor to enter upon visiting your site. You may wish to require information for only one person, or as many as ten or more. Also, you have control over the content of the email which visitors send out to friends – you can use a prewritten form, write your own, or allow visitors to edit an email to add their own personal touches. Another useful feature of Viral Friend Generator is that you are able to keep statistics on the number of visitors to your site, and the success rate of each person who recommends visitors to your site as well. Also, you have the ability to redirect visitors to any site of your choosing after they complete the form. This product is great because it really gives you full control over all aspects of your word-of-mouth marketing campaign. What better way is there to market your product than through scores of people speaking highly about it to those they know? This product is a must for anybody who is serious about increasing sales, traffic and building a list fast. See a Viral Friend Generator Licensed Reseller for the best price.

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