Use Video on Your Blog to Entertain Your Audience

Great article that I have just read, check it out.

Not a day goes by that I don’t read something in an ezine or on twitter or Facebook touting the power of video to connect, engage and convert your readers. And it’s true. Video is a much more intimate way to connect since the viewer can see your body language, your facial expressions and hear your tonality.

In this 2 minute video clip, which is part of a 5-part 50 minute video program about blogging (free!) I talk about the power of using video on your blog (it’s a video clip from a presentation I did a few months ago).


And video is not difficult to shoot, produce and distribute. The tools are soooo much easier than they have ever been. I can assure you that if I can do video, you probably can too!

In this blog post on blogging and video, I list some of the equipment, tools and software I use. Dare I also be shamelessy self-promotional and remind you that with the Online Video Guy Lou Bortone, I created a video course for newbies called Online Video Made Easy…everything you need to know to get started using video on your blog. Really, it requires very little investment to get started and I’ll bet you’ll have a lot of fun.

Fun though it may be, you also want results. Typically people respond much more favorably to videos: they’re more apt to click your links, sign up for your programs, buy your products and generally heed your calls to action.

If you’re using video on your blog, what’s your experience been? Do you get more comments? More subscribers? I’m curious how video is working for you. And if you’re not using video yet, what’s stopping you?


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