Upfront Review of Constant Contact – Just Another Me Too?

It’s quite possible that email list marketing, just like anything else in IM, fails to deliver for someone because of lack of focus and commitment to success. There are certain support apparatus involved with many aspects of IM, and the quality of our support will often influence our success. But again, finding these tools that actually give results is difficult when you are faced with so many different options. Constant Contact, an email management service completely does justice to its customers when it comes to helping them with their email campaigns. Perfectly agree when sitting there thinking how multiple businesses, offering the same service, exist and one can gain an edge by doing things slightly different. The best approach for anyone is to gather information and make a decision; so to that end we’ll present what we know and believe about what Constant Contact has to offer.

5 Minute Membership Sites Just like others, Constant Contact eagerly offers you a wide selection of email templates each of which is professionally designed for your needs. These can be used for any business and can help you create emails that get results. If you need to have a method for advanced preferences, then you can add on images, hyperlinks, contact details and a payment method such as Paypal. If you really know how to use the program, you can change the codes for the templates. But remember that Constant Contact uses XHTML and CSS for their designing rather than the regular HTML. So if you aren’t very familiar with CSS, you can just use the editor to make you job smoother. Also, Constant Contact doesn’t give you the freedom to create customized web forms. But then again, it does allow you to easily add a subscription box to your website.

5 Minute Membership Sites All marketers crave feedback, data, and stats; Constant Contact’s stats area has all the feedback and information you’ll need so you can make adjustments in your email campaigns. All email campaigns will have important information such as how many optins you have; how many unsubscribes, bounce rates, click-thrus, percent bounce, etc. Apart from that, when you buy a software (whether desktop or a service), you should always keep in mind the value of having a good customer service. No one, most especially business people, want to mess around when it comes to customer service issues.

With Constant Contact, you get a great support in the form of extensive training videos that help you out with the set up process. If you like socializing online with like-minded people on a subject, you can visit the Contact Contact users community where you can engage in discussion, get help for anything, ask questions, etc. All in all, Constant Contact is a reliable resource for email marketing and growing your business.

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