Uncovering the Goldmine in Your Business

Uncovering the Goldmine in Your Business

Business owners are continually searching for the secret bullet in finding new clients. It might a new ad campaign, or a direct mail-out to a new database they have purchased or even a cold calling campaign of possible leads.

While an important part of your marketing should be to find new clients, some owners spend all their efforts in this way and overlook the goldmine sitting under their very noses.

Survey after survey has shown that it is six times easier to sell to an existing customer than to get a new one. This is because you have already overcome the biggest obstacle to a purchase: proving that you can fulfill their need or solve their problem. As they have already purchased from you, you have earned their trust and they will prefer to buy from you rather than your competitors- if you give them the opportunity.

This trust, or goodwill, is an asset for your business, and most owners poorly monetise the value of this asset. How are you keeping in contact with your past customers? Do you:

• Call them regularly and ask about their current and future needs
• Send them postcards
• Send them a newsletter with information that they can use
• Make other offers that compliment the original purchase decision

In too many businesses, the sale is seen as the beginning and end of a relationship. They are missing the gold in their business.

The best place to look for gold is in a goldmine. Have you visited yours lately?

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action …

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