True Prosperity – A Definition

From Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Real Estate Group &
U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year
– Clay Clark

    As an award-winning serial entrepreneur and professional in the Tulsa real estate market I have the played out much of the past 10 years building businesses, systems and teams while working to create sustainable business models that cater people with jobs, opportunities, and measurable levels of success. However, I have only begun experiencing “True Prosperity” during the past 3 years. What is “True Prosperity?” What are the differences between “True Prosperity” and “Financial Prosperity?” Well my friend, let’s delve right into it?

What Is True Prosperity?
   “True Prosperity” is about experiencing a new and innovative way living your life to the fullest everyday. “True Prosperity” is about knowing yourself, knowing your values and knowing what is sincerely important to you. For years I would get to work at 5:00 am and I would work until 8:00 pm without ever taking time out of my schedule for myself. I love basketball. I never played basketball. I love my wife. I never marinated with my wife. I love my kids. I never spent time with my kids. I have always wanted to record a ridiculous amount of parodies. I never recorded parodies. I love traveling. I only traveled once per year. Then the light bulb went off! I can travel now. I can play basketball now. I can record parodies now. I can marinate with my wife now. I can hang out with my kids now. I can work out now. I could do it now. I just had to create scalable and duplicatable systems that produced quality products and services that people wanted without leveraging my personal time. I had to begin scheduling my day, my week, and my life in a way that would allow me to live my life fully.

Can You Build Financial Wealth Without Achieving True Prosperity?

    Unfortunately you can build tremendous levels of wealth without achieving and experiencing “True Prosperity.” As I travel throughout the country I see and meet tempestuous and time-poor millionaires all the time. Sure they have lots of money. Sure they might own a bunch of commercial real estate in Tulsa. Sure they might be the business guru in their community, but are they experiencing “True Prosperity?” Most people who desire wealth have the wealth building equation confused and backwards. They genuinely believe that if they could just earn enough money and build a big enough business then they would finally be able to take time out of their schedules to start enjoying their life. They believe that if they just had a big enough business they could be able to spend quality time with their kids. I believed that if I earned just enough money I would be able to show my wife how much I loved her. It wasted years of my life not spending time with my wife. I missed birthdays. I missed ultra-sounds. I missed weddings. But I was building my business. My friends I had it all wrong.
   My friends, the book the Maui Millionaire says that waiting to experience joy until you have a huge sum of money is like saying, “If I only had heat, then I would find some wood and light a match to it. To get heat you must first start with the wood, at the level of being. Then you need to take action. In this case, it means lighting the match and touching it to kindling (doing). This results in a fire (achieving). But all wealth begins back with the wood – with the person you are being at any given moment. The tragic part is that most people put off living until some far future date called “retirement” when they finally have a chance to do the things they love, so they can can be happy.”

What is Wealth?

   To most people, the term “wealth” is strictly equated to the amount of money that one has acquired. This is not a good definition of wealth. Wealth should be outlined as having more relationships, money, joy, health, satisfaction and passion in your life than you need. My friend, only small percentage of wealth comes from the financial success that we accumulate. Wealth is that feeling that you get when you have more than you need of nearly everything. Waking up knowing that you have all of time, energy, money and friends that you would ever want. That is wealth.
   When you are wealthy and experiencing “True Prosperity” then you will have an unrelenting piece of mind that comes from having a true life balance. As far as I’m concerned wealth is actually broken up into the following areas: Spiritual Wealth, Mental Wealth, Physical Wealth, Financial Wealth, Passion Wealth & Relationship Wealth.

Spiritual Wealth – Do you know what you believe and why you believe it? Do you have a sincere integrity that comes from having a good understanding of who God is and what he expects you and I to do on a daily basis that will glorify Him?
Mental Wealth – Is your knowledge base growing? Are you renewing your mind with new information and personal growth? Are you one of those people who goes through life upset because the “hand-written letters” are dissapearing? Are you upset that the internet is growing? Do you defy change? Mental wealth comes from relentlessly pursuing knowledge and self-improvement. Learning new skills to pay new bills.
Physical Wealth – Are you in shape or are you a shape? During my 10 year run of entrepreneurship glory and business success I let myself get weak and soft. I let my body turn into “a shape.” It wasn’t sure what that shape was, but it was a shape. The Bible tells us to “treat our body like temple” and yet I was “treating my life like a bowling alley’s public restroom.”
Financial Wealth – Are you doing a job that you dislike only to earn enough money to get yourself into deep debt by borrowing money for things that you don’t need? Are you following everyone else into financial oblivion? Are you investing in ambiguous mutual funds instead of in yourself? Are you investing in someone else’s business instead of yourself? Are you investing in foriegn stocks owned by companies who you cannot master rather that investing in your own financial future and your own real estate?
Passion Wealth – Are you doing what you love? Are you spending 40 hours a week working for the weekend or are you doing what you love everyday? Do you find yourself saying, “I’m so thankful it’s Friday?” or are you excited about each new work day? Are you working for a company you love and doing a job that you are excited about or are you working for a paycheck?
Relationship Wealth – Are you spending your time hanging out with negative and hopeless people or are you spending your time with encouragers and positive people? Are you spending time with people that build you up or tell you down? Are you hanging out with those that believe in you and your success or do you hang out with people who are sarcastic and pessimistic.

My friends we only live once. This life is not a dress-rehearsal. Today is your day and this life is your life. Stop putting off living until “someday when you have the money.” You could get hit by bus while reading this (if you’re reading a blog / website while driving). You could get struck my lightning any moment. Don’t hold up enjoying Spiritual Wealth, Mental Wealth, Physical Wealth, Financial Wealth, Passion Wealth & Relationship Wealth. Start living your dream life today.

Clay Clark
U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year
Cofounder of Tulsa Real Estate Company Fears & Clark Realty Group – 918-481-2080
Founder of DJ Connection Tulsa – Tulsa Wedding DJs
Founder of Cherished Traditions Videography – Tulsa Wedding Videos
Founder of the Tulsa Bridal Association – Tulsa Weddings
Founder of the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute and Business Coaching Company – Tulsa Business Coach – Tulsa Motivational Speaker

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