Top 5 Twitter plugins to incorporate into your blog

As Twitter is becoming more popular and your blog’s target audience is increasingly found there, it is a good time for you to join and incorporate Twitter into your blog. I have already looked at how to brand your blog on Twitter and how to increase the number of your Twitter followers. This article will show you the top 5 Twitter plugins to incorporate into your WordPress blog.

Add Twitter username field into your blog comments section

  • WP Twitip ID plugin adds an extra field to the comment form of your blog so your reader can enter his/her Twitter username. The plugin then displays the Twitter ID in the comment and links it to the Twitter profile of the commenter. See this plugin in action in HowToMakeMyBlog comments section below.

Show reader’s Twitter avatars in comments section

  • Twittar plugin lets you show Twitter avatars of your blog commentators by matching the email address in the comment to the user’s Twitter email. If the user doesn’t have a Twitter account, it loads user’s Gravatar image. By installing this plugin you will have a much better looking comments section, with commentators all having an image by their comment. Something similar can be seen in HowToMakeMyBlog comments.

Get tweets about your blog posted as comments

  • Tweetbacks plugin imports tweets about your blog posts into your blog comments. You can display them in between the other comments on your blog, or display them separately. So when somebody writes a tweet with your blog URL or any of your article URL’s in it, it will automatically get posted in your blog comments as well.

Let your users tweet your URL’s for more exposure

  • TweetThis lets your visitors send tweets about your blog posts. When the reader clicks on the TwitThis button, the plugin takes the URL of your blog article and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then your reader can tweet this shortened URL and a description of your blog article to all their followers on Twitter.

Integrate your tweets into your blog posts and sidebar

  • Twitter Tools plugin integrates your Twitter account with your WordPress blog. You can for example create weekly digest of your tweets and get them automatically published on your blog as a new blog post. You can also show your latest tweets in your blog sidebar as a widget.

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