Tips To Make Your Forum Posts Boost Traffic And Page Rank

Getting back links and traffic through forums is a great seo tactic for web masters to use. This tactic costs very little time and money and can do great things for your website.  I wrote this article to give you all the information you need to make successful forum posts.


Finding on topic forums to post in is going to be your first task. This can be achieved by doing a simple google search with the keywords you are looking to find and the word forum. For instance if you have a website on skateboarding, you would type “skateboarding forums” into your search engine.


Following this you should find out how often the forum you are looking at is used. The reason for this is because you will not get much traffic from a forum that only has a few members posting to it. Find out how many registered users are in the forum by scrolling to the bottom and finding the site statistics.


Ensure that the forum is a “dofollow” forum rather than a “nofollow” forum. Find a link within one of the posts or signatures and view its properties. The links in the forum will show up as “nofollow” if they are nofollow links.


The signature of your post is a fantastic place to put a link to your website. Our favorite Minnesota seo company suggests you always make sure that the forum allows you to put links in your signature by checking other users signatures for links or by reading the forum terms and conditions.


Finding forum posts that are sure to follow helpful links is a great way to build traffic to your site. Great posts to seek out are posts that ask specific questions about a topic your site contains the answers to. For example a post containing the question “when is Iron Man 2 going to be released”, would be a great place to insert a link to your page on movie release dates.


Make relevant posts and people will find value from them and click through to your website. These people may even become valuable allies that link naturally to your site and buy your products. In addition to this you will be creating back links which will boost your search engine ratings. Are you starting to fall in love with forum posting yet?


I hope you enjoyed reading this article on posting in forums to generate traffic and create back links. Refer back to this page as often as you like.

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