Tips For Building Your Own Marketing Site

Small business owners, buckle your seatbelts tightly as the economy continues its downward plunge! Limiting expenses has to become a priority for any business that wants to make it through alive.

To keep your knuckles from turning too white, I’d like to make a suggestion for eliminating an unnecessary expense: Fire your webmaster.

A webmaster unnecessary? Could it be?

In the olden days, when you wanted a website you hired a web guy (and it was typically a guy), who built and stored everything on his own individual computer. The problem with this was that everything was attached to a particular computer and a particular webmaster. If you wanted to make changes, you needed to work through your webmaster — who, for some reason or other, usually wasn’t available when you needed him. You wanted to hold a holiday sale, for instance, but he didn’t work around the holidays…you get my drift. This led to a lot of frustration, which in many cases continues to this day.

Now, though, instead of frustrated waiting, there is a whole new option. It is entirely possible to get a website up quickly, or convert an existing one, and make changes as needed — without a webmaster. Using a program called WordPress, you can make your site live on the internet, which allows it to be completely accessible.

What do I mean by completely accessible? Here’s an example: I have a desktop computer at home and two laptops in my office. With the administrative, password-protected login, my staff and I can create pages or make changes, anytime or anywhere we choose. We can use a PC or a Mac. We can add pictures, or even cut and paste straight from MS Word. It’s simple, effective and economical.

As a business owner, your website may be like a brochure, used for informational purposes, or it may be a direct sales tool. Whatever your trade, draw from many different technologies to help you focus and create the website you envision.

Using WordPress, you can:

• Create your website/blog without a webmaster using internet marketing tools
• Build your list by adding email marketing to your website
• Sell your products on your website
• Add detailed statistics and tracking to your website
• Add audio to your website without the need for an audio service
• Add videos to your website
• Add PDFs to your website
• Password protect pages on your website
• Create separate logins for your assistants
• Put up your own banner ads on your website

Christina Hills, the top online teacher, shows you how to plan out your website using WordPress and other internet marketing tools with non techie information designed for the busy entrepreneur. With WordPress you can create as many websites as you want

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