The Three Types of In–Ground Pool Heaters

The season that usually invites us to spend some time swimming in either above-ground or in-ground swimming pool is the summer season.  But there are pool lovers out there who adore diving in pools regardless of the weather.  Are you wondering why they can still get the chance to enjoy the breeze of the water even if it is like 37 degrees Celsius already?  Their one and only secret is probably the use of in–ground pool heaters for those who own the in–ground type of swimming pool.  This is the one responsible for providing the owner with a heated pool all throughout the year.  Just imagine yourself enjoying you very own pool and not minding the time if the year, feels so cool and so overwhelming, perhaps?

The in-ground pool heaters are the ones that heat up your pool water and let you enjoy it anytime you want.  There are actually 3 types of in-ground pool heaters that you get to choose from, but your choice should not only depend on you want or what is more convenient  for you but should depend on your expected usage of the pool as well as its  size.  These are the gas-fired heaters, the heat pumps and the solar in-ground pool heater. 

The gas–fired pool heater is the one that makes use of propane or simply, gas.  Among the 3, this is the one that is cheaper and works faster since it can heat up your pool in just one hour.  However, the amount spent in replacing the parts after some time tends to be costly.  The heat pump is a little pricey but the replacement parts are not.  This one works like your air-conditioner or refrigerator because it makes use of a compressor.  Many in-ground pool owners want to invest on this one because even it is high in terms of price yet can last as long as 10 years.  Last is the solar pool heater which uses the solar energy to heat up the pool water.  This one works for those who want to spend big just once since it is the most expensive among the three, yet, the fact that it uses solar energy allows you to save up especially on electric bills. 


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