The Secrets to Getting Coaching Clients – Life Coach, Business Coach, Or Whatever Coach

The secret to getting coaching clients for any kind of coach is basically the same. I wish it wasn’t a secret but 99% of all coaches don’t know these answers, so, I guess it is a well kept secret anyway.

I can remember what it felt like before I figured this out. I knew I was a good coach, but getting in front of people was plain difficult, frustrating. And once I did get in front of the few I got in front of… well, most weren’t going to buy no matter how good my coaching was. It was plain frustrating.

When I’d visit some of the local coaching organizations I’d hear other coaches talking about not making more than a few hundred dollars a year, not charging more than a hundred dollars a month for hours of work, and some even laughing at the speaker who was telling them how to make hundreds of dollars per hour, and thousands per month easily. They just didn’t believe that a coach, at least anyone in that group, could possibly make the kind of money that the speaker was telling them was possible. Sometimes their belief systems was keeping them from even trying those things, after all, they hadn’t seen any of those results.

There is a reason that over 90% of all coaches fail, and within months. It’s simply that they don’t understand these simple, basic concepts. When I finally got it, it was the difference between night and day, and it became almost easy.

So, please, pay attention to what I’m going to tell you, these ARE the differences between where you are and where you could be.

It Starts With a Great Marketing Message…

About the Customer’s Results

If you’ve been telling everyone about your coaching that’s the wrong end to start on. Your clients only want to know if you’ve ever helped someone with the pain that they have.


Their SPECIFIC pain. So, don’t hesitate to be VERY SPECIFIC, to narrow down on a target market. The coaches that don’t GET IT are trying to sell the world and are afraid to narrow down.

The myth is that “by selling to the world there are a lot more clients out there” than when you narrow down to a very specific target market. But that is SOOOOO WRONG, So VERY WRONG. If you’ve been out there selling for any length of time and it hasn’t been working, at least give it a try. I’d rather be selling 50% of those I meet with in a specific market because they hear the marketing message that seriously connects them to the measurable results I deliver to THAT market than to get one client every few months because my message is weakened to target THE WORLD.

And, the other points I’ll be giving about the marketing message, can’t even be strong if you are trying to sell to the world. Narrow down, and be specific.

But back to the other point, PAIN. Be sure to talk about the client’s pain, not about your coaching. The client is only interested IF you provide answers to his specific pain. Selling “coaching” tells him NOTHING about that.

About The Solution They Will Get and the Value

This is another area coaches SERIOUSLY struggle with. Believe me, I know. Every client I’ve ever coached will tell me that they just can’t bring themselves to talk about value that the customer will get (the measurable results.) They will make excuses such as:

  • Clients spread all over the place, $10 clients, $100 clients, $1,000 clients.
  • Every client gets different results
  • Every client has different kinds of problems

And, that falls back to what I said earlier about getting specific. If you are a successful coach, and I mean successful at getting clients, AND at delivering successful results to your clients once you do get them, you’ve probably found that some of your clients tend to get better results, so who are they? And what kind of measurable result do they get?

For business coaches... I know that some will see only a few hundred dollars of gain, some thousands. Help them realize that they could be one of those that see thousands.

For life coaches … I know that you believe what you do is not measurable. You are wrong, and, besides, the more visible the value that your client sees the more clients that will be jumping into your shopping cart.

How about saying something like “80T of your clients’ marriage problem are resolved” or whatever your success rate is with whatever the problem. The clearer the value the more clients that will jump into your shopping cart.

For career coaches … how many dollars of income does a typical client grow.. and how fast.

Whatever type of coach you are, find the value and show it to your customers.

It’s simple… your clients will hire THE MOST VALUABLE coach they can find. Therefore, coaches who say “I am a coach” show no value. And those that say something like “helping _________name your clear, specific target market make another $100K within a couple of months.” Is a marketing message that tells them what is likely, or what is possible.

Get Your Marketing Message Out There.

The second most important thing in getting clients, is getting your marketing message out there in front of enough people.

Here’s the marketing formula. Marketing is nothing more than:

  • Number of people who get to see your marketing message
  • Times
  • Conversion rate of your marketing message
  • Equals
  • Number of leads, calls, or other contacts you get weekly.

So if your marketing message captures 30% of those you touch, and you want 10 people a month, then you have to get your marketing message in front of 30 people.

But if your marketing message only captures… maybe 0.1% (one in one thousand), then it would have to be in front of 10,000. And, YES, that is where most coaches are, somewhere between one in a thousand, and maybe the better ones, one in a hundred. And that’s why it’s been so hard. But it is possible to get 1 in 10 or 1 in 20. It IS possible to get 50 to 100 times more clients.

When I ask coaches in my workshops how many new clients they get from their website the answer is frequently 1 in 10 months or so. Or if they are out there networking, it’s probably a new client every few months.

Wouldn’t you like to go from where you are to dozens of new clients a month?

Get your marketing message RIGHT, and watch things suddenly leap, LEAP, forward.

Become KNOWN Around Your Market for those Measurable and VERY Significant Results

Get others to spread the excitement that you help your clients with. Get your clients and others that have heard about you spread that excitement. For instance, I once helped a Mary Kay lady go from one new client a year to 72 within a couple of weeks, and she kept it up at that rate. So, that word quickly spreads, and that’s a value statement that you would want to be known for, right?

Many coaches believe that, as a coach, being specific and measurable is difficult… one reason is that they’ve been taught that they can help anyone by challenging what’s inside that person. But, I’m challenging YOU to start taking responsibility for what you can measurably deliver, and what YOU personally bring to that relationship, not just what is within the person you are working with. There is SOMETHING that YOU personally bring to the relationship. Step up and own that, then make sure that the word is spread, and that you are known for that result, and the VALUE of that result.

How Do You Get Your Marketing Message Out There?

Once you get the marketing message right, how do you get that message that now works out there in front of enough people?

There are 40,000 people a month looking for a business coach, 200,000 a month looking for a life coach, and many looking for other types of coaching. Getting coaching clients should be easy with that many people looking. The problem has been three-fold for most coaches, they’ve been saying the wrong things, they haven’t gotten their message out to enough people, and they haven’t been getting it in front of those 10’s of thousand that ARE looking.

Work that marketing formula, be specific with your message to the specific market that is looking, show the value.

  • Get the marketing message into your website.
  • Do workshops, give away some freebie workshops to get your message in front of your target market. (Don’t just talk “coaching” in your workshops, give away serious value, and help them see that value, then ask them to take the next step).
  • Do speaking engagements ALL OVER town, or even further. Again, give them value, and help them discover the value. Use testimonials during your speech to show value others have gotten.
  • Become KNOWN around your market that YOU are the expert, and especially you are the expert at providing that measureable success rate for that target market. Become KNOWN, branded, for that measurable result.
  • MEASURE and MANAGE your own results – for every activity in marketing you do, evaluate what percentage response you got, then tweak it and get more. I’ve seen coaches leap from a few tenths of a percentage response to 30% of a room responding, a 300 times increase just by “getting the message right.”

So, no matter what kind of a coach you are, life coach, business coach, career coach, or whatever coach, the key to getting more clients is in getting the message right, and then getting it in front of the right people, and the right number of people.

You can literally design the number of new clients you want each and every week. So, design the business you want using the formula, and getting your message right.

Are you getting 30% or those that hear your message wanting to talk with you? What would that do for you if you could start getting something like that?


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