The Importance of Branding your Business with a Blog

by Julia Mitchell

What is branding? Branding equals identity.

Branding is the promotion of your current business through various means such as your website, logo, newsletter, fliers, blog and other forms of informational material that you use.

The purpose of branding is to get people to recall your company/product/service from memory. The ultimate aim is to get people to trust you more than the competition, and to think of your Web/blog site before they think of the competition’s Web/blog site.

Branding isn’t just for the big companies. It’s just as important to the small business entrepreneur, especially online business

owners. With so much competition on the Web, it is more important then ever to ensure you brand your business.

If you were to think of the name of a soft drink what comes to mind? For me it is COKE, I recall the ads, sing the tune in my head and see the ball coming down the sand dunes from years ago. Same with if I was to think of a take away chicken, I would first recall the smell, the 7 secret ingredients, and the round bucket and picture the Colonel Sanders. If I wanted to purchase a pair of shoes I would immediate think of NIKE even though I can’t afford them, because over the years this is the brand of shoes that have received a lot of publicity. This is what branding is, the same product, brand promoted over and over again.

So a brand really is a collection of thoughts, feelings, and memories about a company, product or person. What do your customers think, feel or recall when they see your brand?

Getting this right can be a powerful concept for you in your business and personal life.

Why is it important then to brand your business blog? Previously I have been talking about the importance of adding a business blog to your business. I mentioned that a business blog will generate traffic resulting in more sales and bottom line profit. It is another step to take that will brand yourself as an expert in your particular business area.

As you will be capturing their names and email addresses it makes sense that any newsletter, email that you send from your blog brands your business. Include the same logo that you are using. Stay with the same theme and colours. Choose a name that is relevant to the keywords that you are already using for your business. Purchase a domain name that is relevant.

To get started as with anything begin with the end in mind and develop a plan. What do you want to achieve from branding your business? How do you intend to do this? What are some barriers to entry? How can I overcome these? What are the time lines that I want to work within?

By developing a plan you are stepping into the Can Do action mode. You are identifying the steps that you need to take in order to achieve your goal.

Remember without a goal or a vision of what it is that you want to achieve there is a fair chance you will spend a lot of time running around in circles.

If you need some help with your internet marketing solutions, I am happy to be on some assistance.

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