The Five Most Important Things to do for Successful Article Marketing

One of the most popular Internet marketing and website promotion methods is article marketing. The reason for this is that article marketing can be done for free and it has a lot of potential for bringing fresh visitors to your websites and increasing your search-engine rankings.

Here are five tips to increase your article marketing success:

1. Make Use Of Content Distribution
By syndicate in your articles you can get increased benefits at of every single one you write. Syndication means nothing else than having your article published on more than one site. You can syndicate your content by simply submitting it to more than one article-directory.  Button, thinking outside the box and you find many more options. Your highest quality content could be suitable for guessed posts on popular blogs, for instance. Another idea is to convert your articles into PDF documents and then a blog them to scribd and similar document sharing sites.

2. Join Blog Networks
Article networks are another very good option for of distributing your articles and getting more backlinks. Articel networks let you post articles to dozens or even hundreds of blogs related to your market.  The also let you include one or a more backlinks in every article you submit. The only negative aspect of this is that you usually have to pay a monthly fee to be part of a blog-network.

3. Find Your Balance Between Quality And Quantity
Know the quality of your content and use it accordingly. It might be controversial of me to say this, but for many purposes truly high-quality articles would be wasted. Save your best content for the highest ranking article directories and blog-posts/guest posts. Lower quality article directories and low quality article networks can be fed with low quality articles. However, you should always make sure that even your low quality articles meet a certain quality standard. Submitting completely unreadable and useless texts will do you no good in the long run.

4. Use Article Spinning
Article spinning helps you create many variations of an article from one seed text.  You can then submit these articles to many different online sources. The main benefit of the rewriting articles is that it can help more of your content get indexed by search engines.  This, in turn can lead to more long-tail traffic reaching your content. For the best results with article spinning it’s recommended to use a good spinning program like the aptly named Best Spinner.

5. Keep At It
Consistency is the key to successful article marketing. The biggest mistake most beginners make is that they only ever submit a handful of articles and then give up. If you keep at it and keep working on your article marketing skills, you will almost inevitably find success. Obviously, giving up after submitting only if you articles is the surest way to fail.

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