The 8 Principles of Success

The 8 Principles of Success
Principle #1 – Action

As the saying goes, “Act, or ye shall be acted upon!”
Principle #2 – Know your end result

Without a vision the people will perish, you need to have some idea of where you are going.

Principle #3 – Focus

Remember the 80/20 rule
Principle #4 – Discipline

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Jim Rohn
Principle #5 – Time Consciousness

Look at every activity you do during the day (hint, keep a log or a journal), and ask yourself, is this worth my time?
Principle #6 – Whatever it takes

Because you need to do whatever it takes, but you need to do it with honesty, with integrity, and with compassion.
Principle #7 – Effective Communication

“Communication is the result you get.”
Principle #8 – Leverage

Leverage is all about taking things beyond your physical, mental, monetary, and time limits, and being able to expand those exponentially.

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It’s unfortunate that things that are given freely are not valued as highly as those that are bought, but if you read and follow this, it will change your life.
Daniel Turner


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