The 3 Best Places To Buy Targeted Web Site Traffic (Part 2)

In Part 1 we briefly checked the thought of buying traffic and what styles of traffic to refrain from. We also looked at the significance of targeted traffic and tips on how to best use PPC to buy targeted web site traffic. In Part 2 we’ll check out two more approaches that work well in buying traffic.

2. Buy Advertising Space

Although this does not could be seen as an earth shattering idea, it really is widely underused and potentially a great cause of traffic. Again, if you are planning to buy traffic be sure that it is targeted and ensure it is from a legitimate source and what better place over a popular website in your niche? The fantastic thing about buying ad’ space is that in most cases you are able to choose exactly which pages you want your ad to appear and obviously in addition, you be able to select the web site which isn’t the case with Pay-per-click.

Regardless of your niche, it’s almost guaranteed that there are two or three sites that dominate the niche and they probably get most of the traffic. By purchasing ad space you can quite literally by a few of their traffic off them. It is important to keep your ads sharp and interesting and only aim to obtain the click. Never try to sell with these ads – that’s the work of your site and not your ad. The down-side is that unlike Pay-per-click, you pay whether or not someone clicks on your ad or not.

Always make sure that you have the possibility of testing your ads and never subscribe to a long term agreement without testing the water first. Just like with Pay-per-click, test it using one site first and when it truly does work, you can expand to similar sites to flourish and raise your results. A truly effective twist on this strategy is to advertise in well known Ezines – most of them get published on a website after they were first sent meaning you effectively purchase permanent ad space. Be sure you try out your ad prior to deciding to run it in an Ezine though because this gives you far more affordable.

3. Co-Registration

Just about the most underused and in all likelihood just about the most good ways to buy targeted web site traffic is through what is called co-registration (or coreg for short). Co-registration is a way of buying leads from high traffic web sites. Websites like Yahoo, The New York Times and Cosmopolitan get countless visitors on a daily basis and as these web sites have a significant wide appeal, it’s almost guaranteed that your ‘ideal customer’ is in amongst that crowd.

Virtually all these high traffic sites do what is called data capturing before they let visitors into their website. With the data capturing they are able to compose a profile of a person; of roughly the things they are curious about and what they will likely buy and what will appeal to them. Now, you won’t start the next New York Times in your lifetime, but at least you have the option of getting hold of some of their web site traffic. How? With co-registration.

Co-registration services team up with these big web sites and enable you to buy leads from them. Whenever people join these high traffic sites, you can put your offer before those people who match your chosen profile. In essence you get to pick your traffic so that it is highly targeted. But the actual co-registration is always that you only pay for the leads that take you up on your offer. Co-registration is ideal if you’re doing lead capturing and since these leads are highly targeted it converts really well and though it might not enable you to get masses of traffic, it will take you an excellent quality of traffic.

The same as together with PPC you need to test and tweak your campaigns into profitability, but once it’s profitable you can turn it on itself. Start small and keep testing on small amounts of leads. This won’t cost much and once you reach a profit margin that you will be happy with, you can simply scale it to increase the numbers.

Although these three methods might sound like a lot of work, it really isn’t. The hard work influences testing and tweaking and even this is simply not very time consuming. It does however require some effort and brainpower, but the rewards are worthwhile and will also continue to feed your websites with traffic provided you turn it on.

The one solution that very few marketers factor into their traffic building strategies is the lifetime of the traffic. Is going on leverage and you want to leverage your time and effort whenever you can. Do the work once and let it keep on on your side for the rest of your life. Your time is limited. Without leverage you simply can’t make a business successful.

To buy targeted web site traffic may be an extremely effective way of doing it, but it does require diligence and commitment. It does not take nearly as much work as all the approaches for getting free traffic, but it does require far more management. Checking all your testing, tweaking and expenses is vital in making it work.

Many websites rely completely on purchased traffic and never bother with all the SEO stuff that entangles many a marketer for weeks and weeks on end. There are only two ways to get on the first page of a Google search results. The one will take you about 20 minutes wile the other can take you 20 months. You should buy your way to the peak and in the long run it’s all a numbers game and a decision as to what your time is really worth to you.

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