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Use Test Drive To Your Advantage

I recommend Aweber it is such a fantastic tool not just for your own personal use but also their affiliate program is amazing.  Below is a recent post for use to send to you to allow you to test drive aweber.  Take the offer up you have nothing to lose.

I use AWeber to send each of my customers a series of personalized e-mails. The AWeber Test Drive does the same thing, but each e-mail advertises the AWeber system itself!

Use test drive to your advantage! We’ll provide you with a simple form to add to your web site. Each time one of your visitors enters his name and e-mail address in the form, we’ll immediately start him on the AWeber test drive. Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll e-mail him information, remind him about AWeber, and answer his questions.

When your visitor eventually buys an account, you’ll get a commission! We’re offering to take virtually all of the work out of your hands. You just get leads to fill out the test drive form, and we’ll walk them through the whole pre-sales process.

Location, Location, Location: Form Placement

Your web site has a lot of real estate – where should you put test drive form? The forms come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost any web site. But, consider to which pages you’re adding the form in the first place.

Remember that the form won’t do you any good unless your visitors fill it out and begin the test drive! Place it in a spot where they are most likely to do that. If you’ve put past affiliate tips to good use, and written a page describing AWeber in detail, then that’s the place for this form! Conclude your longer copy by instructing your visitors to “Fill out the form below, and experience this powerful system yourself!” Pages that cover business, marketing, and entrepreneurship are also great choices.

A Note About Spam

Don’t worry – we won’t start spamming your visitors! When your visitor fills out the test drive form, he is asking for more information about AWeber, and we’ll send it to him. We’ll never disclose his contact information to anyone outside of AWeber. And, just in case he decides that AWeber is not for him, every message he receives will have a handy remove link at the bottom.

Do your part to stop spam, too! Always allow visitors to enter their own information into the form. Never sign anyone up for the test drive who hasn’t specifically requested it.

Get Your Own Test Drive!


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