What’s New With Twitter

New Twitter Profile Layout Tips & Tricks Twitter is giving some users the option to update the overall layout of their account so that you can visually tell the story of your business.  So with a little planning you will be able to create a Twitter page that performs like a business welcome page which […]

Some Social Networking Terms

Some Social Networking Terms that may help, I’m sure there are a 100 more.  🙂 @username is a Twitter handle. Use this to send someone a public message or to reference them. When you use @username the person with that name will be able to see this tweet even if they are not following you […]

What’s the point of Twitter?

A good articles by Morgan Siler. The White House, Oprah, CNN and Starbucks all have Twitter accounts and are engaging in the “What are You Doing?” game, but does that mean small business should too? In a word, yes. Mary Hemlepp’s Local Marketing column, “Get your business on social networks or get left behind”, in […]