Improve your copy

Step 2: Improve Your Copy After you’ve created your first draft of copy, use the checklist below to gather ideas to make your copy better. 1. Inject Emotion People’s emotions are primary motivating factors for buying. People buy on emotion and justify purchases with logic. Emotional drivers include anger, exclusivity, greed, guilt, salvation, and fear […]

Nothing like this has even been offered in Australia before

It’s called, and it gives you around-the-clock access to unlimited expert support in every aspect of establishing your own internet business. It’s an Australian first internet coaching program dedicated to giving internet entrepreneurs all the definitive answers and expertise they need in one convenient central location. Here’s just some of what you get as […]

The 25 Secrets of freelance copywriting success

For most Direct Response Copywriters Bob Bly needs no introduction. I have his books among my must-read reference tools and several of his practical excellent down to earth reports – many of which I use to build my own business. I’ve been on Bob’s newsletter mailing list for a couple of years now and invariably […]