Social Media Checklist

STEP 1: Define your audience Identify your target customer’s demographic, including: Age Gender Occupation Income Level Educational Level Type of Industry # of Employees Type of Business Revenue STEP 2: Create shareable content Keep these tips in mind: Keep posts 300-500 words Include a featured image and relevant meta description in your post Optimize posts […]

Membership Site Mastermind

ATTENTION! Creating easy, dependable income from memberships just got a LOT easier. Download my Membership Site Masterplan report on this very page and get it on… “How You Can Quickly Set Up A $100,000+ Per Year Income… Almost With Your Hands Tied Behind Your Back!” I’ll Reveal To You, The Same Secret Weapon I Used […]

Where to Host your website and Blogs?

In my search to find hosting I have come across what I believe to be a unique opportunity to earn passive income along with a fantastic and safe place to host my sites. It offers a autoresponder, hosting, cpanel, video, conference room and so much more. It’s Called GVO and you can check it out […]