Tips for Naming your Business

Your business name needs to be original, legally available and it must be able to represent you and what you do for many years to come. Although you also need to consider other factors when naming your business such as trade marks, registering your business name and branding, here we are going to focus on […]

Step by Step Video Guide to Becoming a Successful Blogger

“NEW! The Ultimate, Step-By-Step Video Guide To Becoming A Successful Blogger, Without The Complicated Geek Talk…” Now my blog averages $30,000 to $50,000 each and every month, all from blogging! Become a Blogger Premium walks you through the whole process of blogging from A to Z… For instance, you’ll learn how to: set up a […]

50+ Tips to Brand Yourself Online

50+ Tips to Brand Yourself Online By: Jacob Share Once you’ve designed your personal brand and have a personal brand name, use this handy list of suggestions to implement your personal branding strategy. General purpose Show your expertise as much as possible. Publicize your brand-related successes and achievements. Make yourself easy to contact for thoughts […]