Benefits of Email Marketing

Many companies are interested in email campaigns, but feel that running an effective campaign is either too technical, too expensive, or obsolete due of SPAM abuse. Fortunately, email marketing can be: Simple Affordable Effective In fact, there may be no better time than now to get started on your company’s first email campaign. Our company […]

Tips for successful Google AdWords campaigns

Tips for successful Google AdWords campaigns Google AdWords can be the most profitable advertising you’ll ever do, provided you do it correctly. This article reviews three common mistakes businesses make when running their own Google AdWords campaigns. 1. Your advert does not have an enticing offer Google Adwords campaigns are first and foremost “advertising” and […]

One Retailer’s Plan to Survive This Christmas Season

The challenges of retail are particularly difficult in our current economy, especially when the retail establishment is not selling “must have” merchandise. Today I want to share an example of one such merchant and the challenges he faces this year. I am currently consulting with a retail business that is 20 years old. The owners […]

How to Write an Email Newsletter

How to Write an Email Newsletter byDarren Rowse Let me say up front that much of what I write below could equally be applied to ‘how to write a successful blog’ (or in fact could be applied to many mediums of communication). 1. Define Your Goals for the Newsletter This is perhaps the most important […]