Stop Living a Boring Life – Play Some Games! Like Heli Storm 2, for Example.

Online games are a wonderful way to pass time and are very much addicting. You can choose from a variety of thousands of games and play from anywhere, even work or school. Look out for all types of free online games available for play online:

Free Online Games – All of these games can be played straight from your browser. Let’s be realistic – most people don’t have time to download games – they play free flash games online. Family-oriented and children-oriented games are turning more well-liked since this permits families to spend a lot of time together. People look for a quick escape from their hard day at work or school with fun arcade or strategy games.

Well-liked Game genres – The shooter genre is extremely popular with online games. These games might be played in real time, be turn based, or even multiplayer. Shooter games allow you to get into battles with opponents using all types of weapons. Your goal is to stay alive while eliminating everyone else. These games usually have multiple action filled stages, getting more exciting as you progress.

Other free online game genres include board games, casino and card games, sports games, motocross games, and puzzle games.

Take a look at Heli Storm 2 Flash Game. Your mission is simple, help protect a convoy of trucks from the enemy forces until they reach the base for safe harbor. Although the mission may be simple it never goes to plan the way you want it to….


Use your Mouse to move your helicopter and Left-Click the Mouse to fire. Also, use the Number 1 Key to select your Guns and the Number 2 Key to Select Missiles. For Turbo use the W Key, and to Straff Left and Right use the A and D keys. As for a shield use the S Key.

Just give Heli Storm 2 and some other Shooter Flash Games a try. You won’t regret it when you see how easy it is to play free online flash games from your browser.

Flash Games are a great way to have fun at any time, from any place, and in any situation. Even from school or work!

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