Some Social Networking Terms

Some Social Networking Terms that may help, I’m sure there are a 100 more.  🙂
  • @username is a Twitter handle. Use this to send someone a public message or to reference them. When you use @username the person with that name will be able to see this tweet even if they are not following you (unless your account is set to private).
  • #: Used to create clickable search terms in Twitter. Clicking on #iPhone would show a timeline of all other tweets with #iPhone in it.
  • Check in: Submitting your location to Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, or similar location-based app.
  • DM: A “Direct Message” or private communication sent from you to another Twitter user who follows you. (You can only DM people who follow you.)This is a private message on Twitter that you can send to someone if they are following you. If you are not following them they can not send you one!
  • Engagement:  When people talk about “engagement” on Twitter, they’re referring to the practice of responding to and making conversation with your followers and other people on Twitter.
  • Feed:  Is any constantly-updating list of tweets or other updates, usually sorted chronologically with the most recent updates appearing at the top.
  • Follow: A uni-directional relationship in Twitter where you see another user’s updates but they don’t see yours, and they can DM you but you can’t DM them back. (Unless you both choose to follow each other.)
  • Follower: Someone who Follows you on Twitter.
  • Friend: A bi-directional relationship in Facebook where you connect with another user and they’re granted a connection back to you.
  • Group: A way to connect Facebook friends into a small community with shared interest (e.g. you could create a Facebook group for your book club.)
  • #Hashtag – This is the # symbol followed by a keyword (for example #wine or #quote). Hashtags are searchable terms and keywords. If you click on a hashtag, you will be able to see all the recent tweets in which people have used it (this includes people you are not following
  • Like: A way to share content on Facebook. When you “Like” a link (such as a TiPb story) it appears in your Facebook feed and your Friends have a chance of seeing it.
  • Mention: A way to make sure a specific Twitter user will get your post in their timeline. Requires you to put an @[username] into the tweet (e.g. @TiPb will make sure we see your tweet). If a tweet begins with an @mention only the specific user mentioned and people who follow both you and the specific user will see the message. If the @mention isn’t at the beginning, anyone following you will also see it. (Previously called @replies.)
  • Messages: Facebook’s new hybrid email, SMS, IM platform used to privately communicate with Facebook friends.
  • RLRT: Real life re-tweet, or posting something you hear on the real world.
  • RT: A “Re-Tweet” or republishing another user’s tweet to your own followers. Previously you had to copy/paste the tweet and manually add RT: [@username] in front of it. Now Twitter provides an automatic API for doing it (though some users still prefer “old style” manual re-tweets).
  • Timeline: A list of a user’s Twitter status updates in reverse chronological order.
  • Tweeps: Slang term for Twitter Peeps (People), aka your Followers.
  • Tweet: A Twitter posting, limited to 140 characters (so that the entire message and up to 30 character username can fit in a 160 character SMS text message).
  • Twoosh: A tweet of exactly 140 characters.
  • Via: an alternate form of re-publishing a tweet where, instead of prefacing with RT, a /via @[username] is placed at the end.


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