Social Media Management

Whether you need to launch a social media program, post relevant tweets on Twitter, target a new product on Facebook, or respond to inquiries from your website, we can develop and coordinate your social media campaign.

Every day, millions of people worldwide are engaged in conversation. Social media is changing the way we use the web.

There is little doubt that Social Media is now gaining commercial traction…it’s time to prepare your Social Media marketing strategy…time to get customers talking about you and to open up two-way communication with your customers…

Your online communications strategy shouldn’t just stop at having a website built. A holistic approach to your marketing and communications cannot ignore the new web – social media.

You’ve no doubt heard of the very popular Facebook and Twitter, and possibly about other social media services as well. There’s a very good chance that someone is already out there, talking about your products and services – now is the time to join the conversation.  Contact Julia or Brian on to see how you can get started.

From Twitter background design, to Facebook advertising and social media marketing strategies, our consultation and design services will help your organisation become social. Our expert knowledge in social media can take you from hearing about social media, to embracing it as part of your marketing mix.

Social media is one of the fast growing mediums of this decade, which is saying a lot! The number of visitors on social media sites in Australia is surpassing the number of people that use search engines… and it’s still growing.

Social marketing is still in its infancy, but there currently exist significant opportunities for companies to take advantage of social media to build relationships with their prospects and customers, build exposure to their brand and manage their reputation online – all of which impact sales and revenue.

We inject the SOCIAL into your marketing!