Social Media Strategies – The First Product You Sell On Facebook Is Yourself

When you find someone you know, you can choose to “Add as Friend” and then a message box will pop up. Here, you can remind your old friend of who you are and what you shared together. Did you sing in the same choir at church? Why not say: “Hey, Buddy, great to see a fellow choir member here online! What have you been up to since we last saw each other?” It’s always great to ask a question to get a reply. The idea is to establish that virtual handshake, make it as firm as possible by identifying who you are and their connection to you, and then try to establish a rapport or connection with them so that they will agree to add you as a friend.

Networking online has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, one advantage to online networking is you can approach many different people to build your network, in much less time than if you tried to do this physically.

Have A Story To Tell

In Facebook, this will only bore people to tears and send them scrambling to the exit door. Instead, after you establish rapport with someone, you will want to reel them into your sales funnel using storytelling as your main technique. Of course, this can take a little longer, but this is not really a business proposition, it is a seduction.

Some of the greatest examples of this marketing technique for online sales can be seen at eBay. Who can forget the story of the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich? It wasn’t just the image of the Virgin Mary that made it sell for $28,000 and become an Internet story for weeks, but it was also the story behind the grilled cheese sandwich that helped increase its value in the eyes of the Internet bidders.

Now, that you have someone’s attention, you might think it’s time to make your sales pitch. Hold on! The first product you have to sell on a social networking site is yourself. These types of interactions take a little longer upfront than conventional methods of marketing where you are trying to contact as many people as possible and then issuing a sales pitch to get someone to buy. That’s a very quick way of alienating all your friends on Facebook, and they probably won’t come back.

Since your friends lend your online presence a degree of credibility and trust, once all your friends leave, you are basically bankrupt on a social network. You might as well leave and start a different profile (although Facebook only allows one profile per user) or use a different site.

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