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As much as you would probably like to ignore it, Social Media is here to stay in our personal lives and daily business.  Trust me I have tried to avoid it but by doing so you are throwing money away.

So in order to reap the benefits of this rapidly growing communication platform with minimum amount of pain; get in contact with me.  I will set up the basics and if you want I can do monthly growth and maintenance for you.

The amount that your business gets involved in social media totally depends on what type of business you are in, what your social media time commitment is and the financial resources you wish to spend.

If you are strategic, authentic and put relationships before business you will be rewarded!

Customized Facebook Page set-up

• Main Header/Banner Graphic
• Profile Picture/Logo
• Photo Gallery
• Information Page
• Contact Form Page

Twitter Account set-up

• Profile Picture/Logo
• Customized Twitter background


Google+ Page set-up

• Main Header/Banner Graphic
• Profile Picture/Logo
• Photo Gallery
Package $299 + GST includes a checklist and 30 minute phone consultant


Other Social Media Channels are available such as You Tube, Pintrest, Instagram @ $100 each
*Graphic design is not included in tech set-up packages. Client is to supply all graphics, images and video. If you need graphics, please contact us for a quote. We work with an experienced graphic design company and get a 10% discount on their normal fees.*

For regular promotion of Page and further maintenance, my standard flat rate of AUD$50 per hour will be charged.

Prices in AUD Dollars which means add on 10% for GST.


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