Snoop Dogg Sinks His Teeth Into ‘True Blood’ With ‘Oh Sookie’

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Snoop has collab with greats like, Willie Nelson for a country tune , indulged his sweet tooth with Katy Perry while suited in a candy suit in “California Gurls,” rapping about things such as “MILF Weed” on Showtime’s “Weeds” and played a gangsta back from the dead in 2001’s “Bones.” When Snoop Dogg does something, he puts his all into it .

In that he created the song “Oh Sookie,” a new song for the Doggfather gives respect to the mind-reading, sex-addicted, shape-shifting, bloodsucking and howling residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana, from HBO’s vampire series “True Blood.”

The video was released on HBO recently , Snoop intetions was to create a love triangle between blood suckers such as Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) and mind-scanner Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) a square by offering up his best sexual seduction come-ons while rocking a five-finger “Sookie” ring.

Snoop already gave props to the show in the 2009 song “Gangsta Love” (“It’s like True Blood, I sink my teeth in/ I gotta have it, the LB raised me”). He shook it up more with the hook , “We’ll do it in the daytime/ Bill won’t know a thing.” His lyrics show that he he has watched the show , he doesn’t just make a move on Sookie; he’s also down to party with her bestie, Tara, making a reference to her dearly departed boyfriend with the couplet, “Bring your best friend, Tara/ I got some real Eggs for her to eat.”

Snoop Dogg starts the video off — who later rocks a giant platinum “Sookie” chain — pulling into Bon Temps in his newly tricked-out Snoopmobile, complete with a “Tru Pimp” license plate and cloves of garlic hanging from the rearview mirror. Wearing a red, pinstriped suit, he urges Sookie to come close because, unlike so many of the creatures in the swampy town, “I’m the dog that don’t bite.”

The g-funk tune bounces along on a slinky Spandau Ballet-like groove as Snoop drops references to Sookie’s telepathy and even offers to buy her a gin and juice at the restaurant where she waitresses, Merlotte’s diner . “Bill ain’t for real, he ain’t true blood/ Snoop is a G, I smoke true bud/ Wanna be a vampire, gotta listen up/ I hit you with the glamour,” he raps while hanging outside Merlotte’s in a pimp fur and later showing off his own TB product, apackage of “True Nutz.”

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