Seo, and e-commerce

With 1000’s of e-commerce web sites being developed daily, and products amply available to sell thanks to drop shipping ecommerce is prospering, but how do you turn your new e-commerce web site into a full fledged online patronage This is where seo also known as search engine optimization comes into play.

Optimizing your new web store for the search engines is not an highly? hard feat, most ecommerce platforms such as Zen-Cart, Os-commerce, and Joomla all have built in seo tags, But first let’s look at the site itself, most web stores will have a file you can find in your hosting panel called the meta tags.php file this file will contain the title tag (which is arguably the most important tag), keyword tag, and the description this is where you will add the relevant keywords, and a little summary/description of your site. 

Your tags should contain relevant information about your site, products, and categories. Do not repeat your keywords throughout as you don’t want to appear spammy to the search engines. 

Once you have set up your meta tags.php, and re-uploaded it to your host, you are now ready to work on the home page. The home page has to have text on it! This is an absolute must! As an ecommerce website design specialist one of the challenges we face is getting people to add text to their store front, as some clients are more concerned with pretty flash images than they are seo, but in the end it boils down to this, would you rather have a store that sells, or a pretty one?

How about a little of both? You can still have a beautiful store, and include your keywords throughout it. You can create categories with your keywords in it, you can add them to your links, and place your text in a apprehensive place some people chose to use the footer area for this role. 

Another useful tool is most stores have the ability for you to add keywords to your products, and categories through the admin panel. Remember the more text the better. 

Once you have all of your tags, and text finished the next thing to consider is creating back links, social marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, and My space are excellent resources for back links. You can also try article marketing, blog posting and many other methods to help you to get in front.

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