Review your telephone systems

Many practices waste time or provide poor service due to inadequate
phone systems. Calls are lost due to insufficient number of
incoming lines, failure to answer the phone quickly, or being left
on hold for a prolonged period.

These problems are overcome by
having adequate staff training to ensure all staff understand the
importance of answering the telephone in the standard manner,
having enough incoming lines, and having enough handsets available
through out the building.

A phone system needs to

a. Provide multiple incoming lines for callers, depending on
practice size

b. Maintain a separate line for fax, EFTPOS and Internet access.

c. Have as many hand sets as possible scattered through the
building – this avoids the problem of staff leaving one work area
to go to a phone, and causing congestion around the phone

d. Have a “on hold” system, it is more professional than an open
line, or a hand over the mouth piece

e. Have the after hours message programmed to come on and off
automatically at set times – one less job to do!

f. Not have an after hours answer phone on the fax line – you will
miss a lot of faxes which are broadcast out of hours eg special

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