Reason Why You Must Do Proper Keyword Research

Folks who earn a living from niche marketing on the net understand that the sole biggest contributor to our success is keyword research. Select the wrong keyword and either you’re going to get no traffic to your money site, or the traffic that does go to your website won’t make any money for you. Choose the right keyword you’ll also find a lot of visitors and make a huge chunks of cash. So what’s the best way do the research? Well, in case you are already a member of The Keyword Academy, you know the answer to that question. Through out you, you may be shocked by what I will tell you next. Ready?

Truth – 99% of what you have heard about keyword research is at least 75% incorrect!

Yep, you heard correctly. Most people fail. Now it is true that you can use the Google keyword tool to find keywords that have little competition, find a ClickBank product to offer relating to that keyword, and create a site around it. The fact remains though that unless you are talented enough to create killer pre-sale copy (or can hire someone that is), your conversion rates will be terrible. The other issue is that, in accordance to these strategies, in case you find a keyword that has “little” competition, these competing websites can still be Page rank 4 or 5. That is all but certain doom for your efforts.

The best way for choosing profitable keywords totally ignores the keyword tool’s “competition” rating. It focuses on how much search traffic the keyword receives and how profitable that keyword is. Then it looks at not how much competition there is for that word or phrase, but how tough that competition is. That’s what really matters, right? I don’t mind if there are 20,000,000 competing sites for my keyword if the top four to five sites are all Pr 1 and 2, mainly because with appropriate Search engine optimization (on site and off), I can outrank them.

So, tips on how to discover a keyword that gets plenty of searches, has high earnings potential, and weak sites ranking in the top 10? There’s a very specific formula for it, and authorities that a very small percentage of niche marketers know this formula. It is the formula taught (in great detail) by Mark and Court of The Keyword Academy. If you wish to learn the strategies to making residual income from profitable keywords, they will train you. The good news is you will get to test the entire system for only $1. I did, and I’ve been going strong ever since.

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