Realtor Lead: Learn how to contact Buyers

After more than 20 years of working on Internet marketing for real estate agents, we’ve learned what works best. We understand that you are the “home sales expert”, but when it comes to internet –generated relocation leads we’ve gained an in depth understanding of how to approach these leads and get the uttermost results!

You should attempt to contact them by phone before emailing or mailing anything. In order for your email to be read and acted upon, it should be something they are looking for. If phone contact cannot be made , you may leave a message referring to the email or mail that you will be sending.

The initial phone call should focus on the prospective client’s needs. The first impression is everlasting; let it be a good one. Asking intelligent questions about their needs and concerns is a great place to start. You do not want to focus on the fact that you are a real estate agent. This is also a great way to qualify each prospect.

During the first phone call , you want to put in a rapport and let them know that you are a “relocation expert” who is available to provide information for them. You should be able to determine in the first contact what their time frame for moving is, as well as whether or not they plan to buy or rent. This issue may not be set in stone, so please do not discard someone who indicates that they prefer to rent. Make a friend because friends refer business to friends.

If your prospect isn’t planning to move for more than 6 months, put them on a drip campaign. Keep them abreast of what is happening in the market place once a month or so (via email).

In addition , you’ll want to find out if they have a home to sell before they leave. If they do have a home to sell and have not hired an agent, you may offer assistance in getting them a great agent to represent them. A reverse listing referral fee is everlastingly a nice way to make some extra commission.

If you want to continue making 2010 a success , relocation leads can be hugely profitable. Quite often, when one family relocates another one follows, e.g. Grandparents, siblings, friends, employees.

Lastly ; stay organized. It is essential that it be you who is meeting them the day they fly in to look at properties. You will want to track relocation dates, what information was sent to them and so on. It is essential to begin building the kinship as soon as you can no matter what their time frame.

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