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Hi there,

The best way that I can assist you in working out a quote is for you to take the time to fill in the Blog Profile Questions and return it to me via email.

You can find the form here

You future business blog is something that is worth putting some time and effort into the initial planning stages.  I know as I certainly jumped so the benefit to you is that I can assist you from my own mistakes, new there was a reason.

Every business should start with a business plan, by taking the time to fill in the blog quote you are taking the first step towards determining what you want your blog to look like, to achieve for your business, your brand, your future.

Keep in mind that every business is different and the solutions I am going to come up will be different and yes that is right the costing will be different.
I am really excited for you and believe you are making a smart decision to include a business blog as part of your over all online internet solutions marketing plan.

I will respond within 24 hours to your email and advise when I can have your quote done by.  Please indicate if it is urgent.

Have a fantastic day.


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