Poker Training Tips – Learning How To Comfortably Mass Multi-table Online Poker

It’s hard to believe but being able to multi – table while performing on-line poker is a very specialised skill set. However there are ways that you too can become better at it. It’s like any skill, the more you practice the better you become.

Firstly you must feel comfortable with the poker client’s software. That means you don’t have a habit of hitting the all-in button by accident, you are able to quickly spot all your opponents stack sizes and your heads up display if you use one, must be configured compactly so it doesn’t impede your view. Try and buy a bigger monitor (or two smaller ones) so that you can tile across your screen so that no tables are overlapping.

Secondly start off small. If you are currently only able to play 3 games maximum at a time then I recommend playing about 20k hands and then add one more table and see how that goes. Most people can usually multi – table up to 6 games so every 20k hands add another game until you reach 6 tables.

Thirdly the hardest part is moving beyond 6 tables. It will take time but here are my recommendations to make the move successful. You must be comfortable and be winning at the level you are playing. It makes no sense to play more tables if you are a losing player. While you were playing between 3 and 6 tables you should be taking detailed notes on all your regular opponents. This is the key. Because once you go past 6 tables it is nearly impossible to start penning new notes on players. So once you start to play up to 9 – 12 tables, you can now make very fast decisions as you have notes on your regular opponents so you should be able to pre-empt how the hand will play out versus particular opponents. Now if you find a new player who is wily and you have spotted an strange play by him/her then mark that hand and re – visit later after the session is over and then write up a detailed note on that player for next time you play against each other.

Finally if at any time you feel uncomfortable playing a high number of tables then just remove a few until your anxiety level drops and that is your ideal number. Once you have played a large volume while mass multi –tabling analyse your win –rate and your hourly returns, and compare it to the time you were playing less tables. You will spot where your sweet spot is for the number of tables you can play – that is choose the one which gives you the highest hourly return. Your win rate will undoubtedly suffer when you increase the number of tables but hopefully if you are multi – tabling successfully then by the plain volume of hands played your hourly return should have increased.

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