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Christian Audigier, the designer of Ed Hardy, SMET, Crystal Rock, Christian Audigier and C-Bar-A did it again, this new line features tremendous amount of art work.

Humanity, spirituality, and stunning imagery comprise Paco Chicano?/span, the next big thing by Christian Audigier. Audigier has partnered with brothers Frank and Gilbert Ros to introduce this acclaimed European brand to the American stage.

Christian Audigier has taken the Andalousia inspired images of flowers, amorous, and secular metaphors, and energized them with his signature flair and details. The women’s and men’s t-shirts, hoodies, and dresses are gold foil and discharge printed. The creative vision behindPaco Chicano?/span> is to make timeless, philosophical pieces that are not simply garments, but unique pieces that endure. Fashion is the medium used to communicate the core messages of this brand; unity, love, and peace.

The art of Paco Chicano?/span> has been used as an MTV logo and as cover art for an album by the Gypsy Kings.

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