Outlook Express Recovery

Outlook Express  is a great little  program, but things can go wrong and there is nothing worse than not being able to read  your email. Here are some steps  to help fix  Outlook Express problems .

1)  Software to Repair Outlook Express 
The best way to  repair   Outlook Express, is to use a third party  Windows   repair tool. Registry repair programs such as RegCure will fix errors and optimize  your PC. Not only will it fix Outlook Express, but it will completely clean your PC  and fix other  programs   such as Media Player, Internet Explorer etc .

2) Repair DBX Files by Compacting Folders
In Outlook Express, the master database file is a .dbx file.  Quite often   this .dbx file can become corrupt. This can be repaired by compacting the  inbox . To compact the folders in Outlook Express, do the following:

– Click the File menu and select Folder -> Compact All Folders

Wait for the compacting to complete before continuing. Depending on how large your mailbox is, this may take several minutes . After  the folders have been compacted, close Outlook Express and re-open to see if the problems have  ceased . You can also use a third party Outlook Express email recovery tool, in the event of lost or  damaged   email. Outlook Express Recovery Software.

3) ReCreate  Account
If you don’t have much existing data , you can re-create the account and download your emails. Be careful before performing this step. Always keep a backup.

4)  Outlook Express Re-Installation 
If Outlook Express is still not behaving  properly , it might be due for a re-install. This quite often fixes problems and you won’t need to use any third party tools . The details of how to do this can be found on the Microsoft support site. Click here

5) Restart Your PC
Rebooting your  computer   can be very effective for fixing a lot of Microsoft problems. If Outlook Express is  crashing , not delivering email or having other difficulties, then give this a try.

If you are still having  problems, then  have a look at   the site, Fix Outlook Express, which is dedicated to issues relating to Outlook Express.

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