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Andrew and Daryl “Look Inside the Grants’ Internet Business”

Imagine waking up every morning, turning on your computer, checking your bank account and experiencing that thrill when the balance has increased by another few hundred dollars. Sounds like a dream? Not for one Queensland couple. It’s a daily reality.

You may remember me talking about Andrew and Daryl Grant who made US$250,000 in the first year of their online business a couple of years ago. (Yes, Daryl is a woman – Andrew’s wife!) They’d literally wake up every morning and log into their bank account to view the hundreds of dollars which had arrived overnight. Every night, every week, every month. And they’re still doing it. Only now it’s as much as a few thousand dollars a night, and climbing every week.

I’m now being trained by Andrew and Daryl to create my own money making internet business. I recently attended one of their 4 day workshops and I must say it was mind blowing. They literally showed us behind the scenes of several of their businesses and told us exactly what to do to set up a similar business. The research, the technical stuff, the marketing – everything you could possible want to know.

Now I’ve got some great news for you. They’re running two more 4-day workshops this year where they’re going to share the same information. The workshops are being held on these dates:

12-15 June at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club, Hurlstone Park, Sydney

11-14 September at Bell City Event Centre, Preston, Melbourne

I’m telling you about the workshops because I think you would find them as fascinating as I did.

Click Here to find out more and to register.

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