One way to generate Traffice

The key to generating an absolute flood of free traffic is getting noticed, getting backlinks, etc., from high traffic websites such as Google, Craig’s List, Yahoo, YouTube, and the various bookmarking and social networking sites.

This can be as simple as searching through Yahoo Answers for questions on your area of expertise, and then posting a great answer – along with an appropriate link to your website or product.

It can be as simple as searching through YouTube for videos on your area of expertise, and then leaving a comment along with a link sharing that they can find more information on the topic at your site.

It can be as simple as using the search engines to locate dozens or even hundreds of blogs and forums in your niche, and then interacting with these communities.

There’s only one problem with most of the methods that I just mentioned. They can be time consuming and labor intensive. Just locating active communities in your niche can literally take hours.

In Google you can set it so that it will notify you of active blogs, forums, and communities in my niche.

This can be a time consuming method and I’m sure there is automated systems out there, however if you are starting off it is a good place to start.  Remember people are after information so write articles and post them everything.  Make sure your content is relevant and something that people are interested in.

I do strongly advocate using software to automate many of the mundane processes such as just finding these sites. Many webmasters really struggle with website traffic generation, and there is absolutely no need to.

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