Obtaining a Big and Tall Executive Office Chair for Less

I work at home as a self-employed author and so I need to buy all of my workplace gear personally. I was looking out for an excellent quality big and tall executive office chair that I could afford for quite some time. My old chair was falling apart – thanks in large measure to my two cats, Izzy and Cleo, who appeared to think the rear of my chair was a scratching post. I found the range at my area office supply stores to be not so good – many of them had only 1 style of big and tall office chair and it in most cases looked inexpensively made. The upper-end chairs, such as the Aeron chair, was sadly , outside of my reach at this time. I desired an outstanding chair and I wanted it for under $200 bucks. Did I point out that assembling chairs is not really my preferred activity?  A friend came up with an awesome option – she mentioned I investigate Craigslist for a lightly used high-quality office chair. Well, that’s precisely what I did. It took about a month but eventually a large-sized Aeron chair was put up on Craigslist (it helps if you set an alert on Craigslist so you are informed any time what you are interested in is published). It was almost new, was completely set up, and furthermore the asking price was only $175. I was pleased! So now, my home office looks sophisticated, my back feels terrific, and what’s even better my cats have discovered an alternative spot to scratch (not my chair)!


Here are my strategies of obtaining a good deal on a big and tall executive office chair:


Find a gently used chair – have a look at sites like eBay, Craigslist, etc


Seek closeout styles – sites including Overstock give terrific savings together with low-priced delivery


Look for on line discounts – A lot of websites, for instance SitforLess offer coupons offers


Bargain – oftentimes merely asking for a deduction from a shop will work (not online)



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