More Google Traffic…By Narrowing Your Focus!

If you are on the web in any way and in need of bringing in more money, then you need more Google traffic.

So how do you get more Google traffic?

Long term, nothing will touch the ROI that more Google traffic will bring you.

But be fully warned, the keyword game is as cutthroat a business as there is online.

And the big boys and girls play to win.

And for you to get the Google visibility you crave, you need to focus on a list of your best keywords that have in them three words or more.


These, my friends are your “long tail keywords” and these are the ones you will need to concentrate on.

Why should you avoid your more general keywords? The ones that are shorter than three words?

Because there maybe so much competition for those that you will never ever get ranked for them.

While there is less traffic for your more descriptive keywords (the ones with three words or more, there is less competition and that is your gem.

And I will point out that if your business is geo targeted…your keywords will become even more focused and those will become even easier to rank for.

The sad truth is that is it almost impossible for you to compete for the most general of your keywords.

So the trade off become the amount of traffic versus you getting seen on Google page 1.

Having done this for a decade, I will tell you that you can and will get to Google page 1…but for your more descriptive keywords.

If I were to give you the best advice on how to get more Google traffic it would be to compete in a winnable war.

If you want more Google traffic, hard to believe you have to narrow your focus, huh?!?

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