Long-Tail Keyword Experiment – From Page 20 to Page 1 on Google in 21 Days

Long-Tail Keyword Experiment – From Page 20 to Page 1 on Google in 21 Days 

I’ve been conducting an experiment with Google searches and long-tail keywords. The experiment seems to have been a success, so I thought I would share the experience.

Back in the second week of January I noticed I was getting some increased traffic from a specific long tail keyword. I actually wrote a post about that experience, so I won’t regurgitate the whole thing here.

Suffice to say, that keyword was also the name of my blog (but not my domain name) – “reading between the lines”- and I was slot number one on page one for this long-tail keyword search (and still am last time I checked). I was pretty excited at the time as some decent traffic started to flow through and this keyword is currently providing the most clicks from Google.

By the end of January I had learned heaps more about blogging, keywords, etc (yes you can learn a lot in 3 weeks in this business) so I decided to try the following experiment.

I noticed when I did a Google search on ‘read between the lines’ there were 80 million references compared to 40 million references for ‘reading between the lines’. On a search for ‘read between the lines’ my site showed on about page 20 (yes I took the time to click through every page).

I then took a look at my keyword count, and realized that ‘reading between the lines’ was used 22 times as keywords on my posts versus only 9 times for ‘read between the lines’. So on January 31st, I did a mass keyword edit and increased the keyword ‘read between the lines’ to 52 times across a myriad of posts.

I then started to search for my blog using ‘read between the lines’ and click through to it at least twice a day. There was an immediate bump effect after adding the keywords, moving up from page 16 to page 8 in just a couple of days. 

Then it started on an incremental link by link move up the ladder to page 6 over a few days. It stalled on page 6 for a few more days, then incrementally moved up to page 4. It’s been stuck on page 4 for the past six days.

I checked my keyword stats today and saw a spike from ‘read between the lines’ and just did a search to find on I’m on page 1!  

It won’t stay there long as per my previous experience, but once it’s on page one/two, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as more people click through.

I hope this might help you if you’re chasing a specific keyword in organic searches, and if anyone has any further insights into the mystery of organic keyword searches please share or send me a message!

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