Join our Forex Affiliate Program and earn Huge monthly residual income!

When it comes to joining and forex affiliate program its much like any other affiliate marketing program.  The main thing to consider is whether you can actually make money with the program.

Do you they have good sales copy?

Is the forex affiliate program easy to make sales if you send traffic to the site?

The nice point about any affiliate marketing program is that you send traffic one time and in some cases you get only a one time commission and other times you get residual income.

With forex trading coaches forex affiliate program we pay out monthly residual income. The reason why our affiliate marketing program works is because the forex trading system we are teaching people works!

If you have are an forex affiliate marketer then you will want to take a close look at our program.  We pay out a monthly residual and people like what they see when they come into our LIVE Forex Trading Room.

Here is how it works.

We realize that not everyone wants to be a forex trader AND we also know EVERYONE wants to earn money somehow, so we put together this affiliate program to reward those that want to spread the word.

(NOTE: You may NOT sign up as an affiliate to gain your own commission*. You must refer a paying member. This learning environment is so good as a paying member you will get tons of benefits and we are setting this up to help spread the word. NO SPAMMING… WILL RESULT IN A LIFETIME BAN)

1. When you sign up to our forex affiliate program you will be able to login to the affiliate login area, track your clicks and sales and get your own special link for tracking your sales. This link can be emailed to your email list.

2. The other option is when you login to the affiliate program you will be able to get your own html code that you can place on your blog or website that people can click to get to our website.

3. The customer will get a 2 week free trial and somewhere within that time they usually sign up and become a paid member.

4. We will payout all commissions via Paypal on the 1st business day of each month.

5. The payout is $40.00 per month commission each month a member remains a paying member on the $129.00 monthly plan.

Start earning residual income today by signing up to our forex affiliate program today!

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